What’s next for Jorge Masvidal after recent loss

Jorge Masvidal lost to Nate Diaz in their rematch. What's his next step?
Nate Diaz v Jorge Masvidal - Weigh-in
Nate Diaz v Jorge Masvidal - Weigh-in / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Jorge Masvidal made his pro boxing debut on July 6 against former UFC legend Nate Diaz in a 10-round match in Anaheim, CA. The contest ended in a majority decision in favor of Diaz. The long-awaited rematch between the two lived up to the hype and exceeded many people's expectations for the fight.

The first fight between the two ended in an anticlimactic way when Masvidal won the inaugural BMF championship by third-round TKO at UFC 244 in November 2019 due to a doctor stoppage from a cut above Diaz’s eye. Almost everyone assumed that we would see a rematch, but never in a boxing ring. Now that the two are all tied up at one apiece with Diaz winning in boxing, and Masvidal winning in MMA. The question that begs to be answered is what’s next for Masvidal?

Masvidal mentioned in his post-fight press conference that he has a few fights left with the UFC, and has two more fights with Fanmio as a professional boxer. His intentions seem to be clear and he will be competing in those two boxing matches before he makes his return to the UFC.

Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal 3

Do we see the third match between Diaz and Masvidal happen next? Does that fight take place in the ring or in the Octagon? Do we see that happening immediately for both fighters? The situation for a third fight between the two is a bit trickier than most trilogy’s. Diaz won in a boxing ring whereas Masvidal won in the Octagon. They both have the right to ask for their rubber match to take place in either set of rules, but what makes the most sense? It will probably come down to which fight had better ratings and sold more PPVs. They are smart enough businessmen to figure out the logistics of their next fight, and whether that is in a ring or Octagon the fans would sure be engaged.

Jorge Masvidal vs. KSI

But if not Diaz for Masvidal in an immediate rematch who should Masvidal fight next? The more intriguing matchups would seem to be in the UFC, but since Masvidal has made it clear that he will be staying in boxing for the foreseeable future, how about a fight with YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI? A big name in the social media world, and what would seem like an exact replica of what Diaz did in fighting Jake Paul in his professional boxing debut. KSI would bring a fan base like no other to an already big star like Masvidal.

KSI’s last fight was against Tommy Fury in a six-round boxing match in October 2023 in which he lost by unanimous decision. KSI’s name carries a lot of weight in the social media and influencer boxing world, and would definitely set to be a massive event if the two were to square off. KSI has an upcoming fight under a special set of rules next month where he will be fighting in a one vs two-tag team-style matchup against Anthony Taylor and Sulieman Albaher. The timeline of a potential KSI vs Masvidal matchup at the end of this year or the beginning of next could play out with Masvidal fighting in July and KSI fighting in August.

Whether or not we get to see a fight between KSI and Masvidal or Diaz and Masvidal it will be at least two boxing matches before we get to see Masvidal fight in the UFC again. But how likely is it that we will get to see Masvidal fight in the Octagon again?

Conor McGregor vs. Jorge Masvidal

Likely enough Masvidal brought it up in his post-fight press conference saying that he would like to make a return to the UFC following his obligations to Fanmio. That brings up another question as to who should be his return fight to the UFC. The easy answer for everything is what about Conor McGregor? Arguably the two biggest draws in UFC history facing each other would break all sorts of records, but how much interest is there really in a Masvidal vs McGregor fight? If this were four or five years ago the possibility of this would be extremely likely, but in 2024 it seems very unlikely for this to come to fruition.

Jorge Masvidal vs. Stephen Thompson

Now how about a rematch that would be seven years in the making? A fight between Masvidal and Stephen Thompson would be a fun fight for both fighters to take at this stage of their career. Thompson and Masvidal are both past their fighting primes, but a rematch between the two could serve as a great and honorable farewell to the sport. With the history between the two and the opportunity to give Masvidal to avenge his loss to Thompson would be an easy fight to sell to the fans. The self-proclaimed NMF in Thompson vs the inaugural BMF in Masvidal could be a great opportunity for all parties involved.

There are definitely more intriguing and bigger matchups for Masvidal to come back to in the UFC and compete in MMA again, but with his mindset on boxing it could be a while until we see him grace the Octagon once again. Whether it be a trilogy with Diaz in boxing or MMA, a boxing match with KSI, or a rematch to avenge his loss to Thompson we all will be waiting for the next fight announcement for Masvidal. We will all just have to wait and see what Masvidal decides to do in terms of who he fights next and what promotion he decides to do so.