What Michael Chandler isn't saying about UFC 303, says a lot

Michael Chandler hasn't directly commented about the Conor McGregor fight since cancelation rumors started.
Michael Chandler
Michael Chandler / Jessica Alcheh-USA TODAY Sports

No one stands to lose more than Michael Chandler if his fight with Conor McGregor falls through. Chandler has been sidelined for nearly two years waiting on the fight he was promised and now that we're weeks away, it might just be falling apart.

The UFC 303 pre-fight press conference was "postponed" and rumors began swirling that McGregor was injured, in legal trouble, or even popped for steroids. The hopes of UFC 303's main event started to cloud. McGregor, UFC president Dana White, and even Chandler himself have been silent on what's going on, but if you look closely, there are some things that Chandler's social media posts might be saying.

For example, up until June 4, Chandler was posting daily tweets with the UFC 303 hashtag. Now his daily tweets are devoid of any hashtags. June 4 is also the say he posted a series of photos from Kill Cliff FC in South Florida with the caption, "If you’re looking for me, I’ll be out in Tennessee. No way out of the life we chose…" This implies he's left camp and gone back home. That would not be happening if the fight was still on.

Also, the fact that he hasn't come right out to tell us all the fight is fine and everything is on schedule means there's something behind the scenes happening. He's been told to keep his mouth shut, I would assume.

Michael Chandler's social media posts are telling if you know how to spot the signs

Of course, we all know fighters like to play mind games and maybe they are both just playing with the fans a bit to drum up the drama and excitement. Let's hope that's the case because as of right now, we have no idea what's going on and that's pretty scary.

Unfortunately, we have to wait and see if and when we get an update on the McGregor/Chandler fight. If you have tickets, don't do anything drastic yet, we're all crossing our fingers that this fight pulls through. The longer we go without an update, the better.


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