WATCH: 2 MMA fighters keep brawling after referee calls off match (Video)

Artem Tarasov vs. Evgeny Ershov turned into an all-out brawl at MMA Series in Russia.

MMA Series brawl
MMA Series brawl / Twitter

During the MMA Series 75: All Stars event on Dec. 2, two fighters ignored the ruling of a referee and just kept fighting after the fight had ended.

In the clip, you can see the referee call off the fight after Artem Tarasov secured a rear-naked choke on Evgeny Ershov. But when the two were separated Tarasov decided he wanted to keep fighting and started to swing on Ershov after he got on his feet.

Then all hell broke loose.

Several people stormed the cage to separate the two fighters and it took several grown men to take Tarasov to the ground in order for him to stop fighting.

It's unclear what happened after that in terms of a punishment for Tarasov but a disqualification would have been the right thing to do.

The event took place in Moscow, Russia.

MMA Series 75 fight card

  • Edinaldo Novaes (Brazil) vs. Sergey Dyakonov (Russia) - Platinum MMA Series Winner title bout
  • Cassio Jacare (Brazil) vs. Sergey Bobryshev (Russia) - Silver MMA Series Winner title bout
  • Thiago Oliveira (Brazil) vs. Jefferson Goncalves (Brazil) - Silver MMA Series Winner title bout
  • Evgeny Ershov (Russia) vs. Artem Tarasov (Russia)
  • Cefas Leal (Brazil) vs. Shamil Magomedov (Russia)
  • Maria Egorova (Russia) vs. Josy Fabriely (Brazil)
  • Ashraf Bashandy (Egypt) vs. Magomed Saidov (Russia)
  • Khasbulat Khasanov (Russia) vs. Ilya Kharitonov (Russia)
  • Adnan Alic (Serbia) vs. Grisha Dyachkov (Russia)

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