Watch Martial Arts trained security guard murk an annoying tourist

A viral video is going around the MMA community due, in part, to the way a security officer ended the exchange.

Learning Martial Arts has many advantages, one of which is being able to defend yourself in a wide range of life-threatening situations. On top of that, if you work in security, being trained in any Martial Arts makes your job a lot easier.

Time and again, we've seen people trained in Martial Arts dominate street fights with ease and one such incident went viral on Twitter recently. While dealing with a loud tourist, a security guard had to rely on his Muay Thai skills, as he had already warned the former verbally a couple of times. As the tourist repeatedly ignored the guard's request to leave the premises, the official threw a powerful elbow that ended up knocking him out cold on the street.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter users around the world had a mixed reaction to the altercation between the security guard and a seemingly aggressive tourist. While some claimed that the reaction wasn't justified considering there was no physical aggression involved from the tourist, others expected to have more context before forming an opinion on the situation.

The viral video also led to an interesting debate among viewers on whether throwing powerful elbows requires any training at all. This claim was quickly countered as other users mentioned the importance of range, power, accuracy, and timing to land a clean strike like that.

The effectiveness of elbows in street fights and MMA

Although it is hard to form an objective opinion on the individuals involved in the fight mentioned above, one can easily make out how potent elbows can be in street fights. They are much more durable than fists in a bare-knuckle setting, and there's hardly anything more damaging in close range.

There are also many ways to throw an elbow and catching someone off-guard is as effective as it gets.

Over the years, elbows have also been one of the most used weapons by strikers in MMA organizations. Be it Yair Rodriguez getting a buzzer-beater KO to win over “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung through an upward elbow or Derrick Lewis falling onto the canvas after Tai Tuivasa landed that clean elbow, there are enough incidents to prove how quickly elbows can change the course of a fight.

Matt Brown also gave Diego Sanchez his only elbow KO loss in the UFC and fans in attendance were amazed to see how perfectly the strike landed. Similarly, the iconic elbow KOs scored by Calvin Kattar over Jeremy Stephens and Jiri Prochazka over Dominick Reyes should be remembered by fans for ages.

Even an all-time great UFC fighter such as Jon Jones has relied heavily on elbows to intimidate his opponents. Apparently, they can cut open the skin a lot more quickly than punches and can drastically obstruct the competitor's confidence.

Mixed Martial Arts, however, are obviously a lot more than just elbows, and at the end of day, they teach how you to calmly tackle rather dangerous situations and ensure the safety of yourself and others around you.