WATCH: Kevin Holland, Stephen Thompson star in new Cuervo commercial

Stephen Thompson
Stephen Thompson / Jose Cuervo

Kevin Holland and Stephen Thompson star in new Jose Cuervo commercial.

Kevin Holland and Stephen Thompson are the stars of a new Jose Cuervo ad to promote the Cuervo Tradicional Cristalino. The commercial shows the two UFC welterweights in the Octagon in the middle of a fight. During a clinch, they exchange ideas for a post-fight after-party.

Thompson agrees to bring limes to the celebration before getting taken down and discussing drink preferences as Holland tries to lock in a rear naked choke. The referee chimes in the conversation before the ad cuts to the after-party. It closes with the fighters sharing a toast and placing their cold drinks on their bruises.

Thompson and Holland shared the Octagon in real life in December 2022. The two headlined a UFC Fight Night in Orlando and garnered Fight of the Night bonuses. Thompson left victorious via TKO in the fourth round.

Jose Cuervo's partnership with the UFC

Jose Cuervo's partnership with the world's leading MMA promotion traces back to June 2021. Jose Cuervo became the first official tequila of the UFC with a three-year agreement. They joined an impressive lineup of partners, including Harley Davidson, Modelo, and Monster Energy. The UFC also recently partnered with Prime Hydration, naming them the organization's official sports drink.

The partnership became official at the highly anticipated UFC 264, where Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier closed out their trilogy. The "Cuervo In Your Corner" campaign was a byproduct of the two brands' collaboration.

This new ad marks the first of many from Jose Cuervo as the UFC celebrates its 30th year as an organization. A previous ad starred Justin Gaethje and Michael Chiesa facing off throughout a house party.

Jose Cuervo also serves as the presenting sponsor for UFC Quick Hits, a show hosted by Laura Sanko. The show provides a behind-the-scenes look at each UFC event. It shows Sanko interviewing fighters and other MMA personalities and streams on the UFC's YouTube and social media channels.

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