Watch Jorge Masvidal, Nate Diaz presser brawl after Diaz refuses faceoff

The Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal boxing fight presser went bad really quickly.
Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal brawl
Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal brawl / Fanmio

Nate Diaz doesn't have time for this sh*t.

During their Anaheim, CA boxing press conference on Thursday, Diaz walked off the stage before doing a face-off with his opponent Jorge Masvidal. “I’m done with this whole press conference sh*t,” Diaz said during the presser. “I’m glad we’re here to promote these great fights that are happening, that’s cool as f*ck, but you know what? Besides that, I think my work here is done. I’m done doing all this sh*t. No more press conferences until my next fight. F*ck this ugly motherf*cker. I hate to disrespect you (Campbell), but I’m sick of seeing you too. I’m out. Good to see everybody. Peace out. Shout out to Danny Jacobs and my boy Chris Avila. Love, kick ass. I’ll see y’all next time.”

As he was trying to be ushered back to do the face-off he said, “Square off with yourself, motherf*cker."

And then all hell broke loose.

This is not the first time Diaz has refused to face off with Masvidal. Their April 19 meeting ended similarly and Diaz refused the face-off then as well. Only this time it turned violent as everyone in attendance because fighting at once. At one point Masvidal could be seen dragging someone by the hair.

Even after the presser was over, Diaz and Masvidal wanted to keep fighting.

Masvidal and Diaz have a history. They fought (and created together) the first-ever BMF title. Masvidal won the fight after the bout was stopped due to a cut to Diaz. They are set for a boxing fight to take place on Saturday, July 6 in Anaheim, CA. The fight was originally slated for the month before but was moved to a new venue and a new date in order to not compete with other combat sports events falling on the same day.