Watch as water bottles are thrown during heated exchange at UFC 293 press conference (VIDEO)

Manel Kape threw a water bottles at Kai Kara-France in the audience, Israel Adesanya steps in.
Manel Kape and Israel Adesanya
Manel Kape and Israel Adesanya / UFC Twitter

Kai Kara-France didn't end up making it on the UFC 293 fight card but he is certainly making headlines during it.

On Thursday in Australia, a bit of a scene was caused when Kara-France, who was seated in the audience of the press conference began taunting Manel Kape with obscene gestures. Kape wasn't going to stand for it and threw a water bottle into the crowd before being held back by security.

“Unfortunately, Kai Kara-France is a b*tch,” Kape said during the press conference. “A f*cking b*tch. He’s in front of me and you’re f*cking guilty because Sunday, this is going to be a murder because of you, you f*cking p*ssy. Afraid – you had three weeks to fight me. You little f*cking p*ssy. Look at you, you have the courage to come here. Yes! Stand up motherf*cker! Stand the f*ck up motherf*cker.”

He began yelling down to Kara-France saying, “You had three weeks to fight me, you little f****** p****. Look at you. You have the courage to come here. Yeah, stand up motherf*****! Stand the f*** up motherf*****!.”

Kara-France's teammate and friend, middleweight champion Israel Adesanya stepped in to admonish Kape all while poor Tai Tuivasa sat between them.

“What do you want?” Kape said to Adesanya. “Sit the f*ck down… Shut your mouth. Your f*cking porn cartoon addiction.”

“Look at this little midget trying to f*** with me,” Adesanya said to Kape. “I’ll f****** bury you.”

The most shocking part of the whole exchange was it was controversial s*it starter, Sean Strickland who calmed the men down and got things back on track.

“Calm the f*** down!” Strickland said to Adesanya. “That’s not the fight. Leave the little man alone. I’m supposed to be the assh*** here Izzy, that’s not your job.”

Kai Kara-France was originally slated to fight Manel Kape at UFC 293

Kara-France was originally scheduled to fight Kape on Saturday but after suffering a concussion during training he opted to pull out of the fight.

"Speaking to my coaches, my team and my family and they all think it's the right decision to put my health first," he said when announcing the news last month. "Just want to say sorry to all the friends and family that have bought tickets, flights, accommodation, or the fans or they were excited to see me fight live. Frustrated, but I've just got to focus on the positives and just spend time with my loved ones. So I appreciate the ongoing support. And we'll be back soon. Much love."

Kape is now scheduled to fight Felipe dos Santos on the main card, PPV portion of the event.

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