Watch Greg Hardy get knocked out again

Greg Hardy getting knocked out cold will never get old.
Greg Hardy
Greg Hardy / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Former NFL player and former UFC fighter Greg Hardy has been knocked on his as* again and honestly, we love to see it. The controversial athlete hasn't failed to fail at nearly every fight in one way or the other.

His record,7-5 in MMA, 5-2 as an amateur boxer (0-1in bare knuckle boxing) has proved a fun watch for fans on the anti-Hardy side of things and his latest appearance just adds to the madness.

Hardy fought Patrick Mailata during a Team Combat League show and was knocked out, nearly right out of the ropes. Watch the moment below.

Greg Hardy has had a controversial past

Hardy was a controversial UFC signing due to his history of violence against women and was even suspended from the NFL over allegations the NFL deemed credible. He always denied the claims, despite loads of evidence. "I've never put my hand on ANY women ... In my whole entire life, No Sir. That's just not how we're raised," he said at the time of the arrest. "As you can tell, like I said again, it's the Bible belt. It's just something that's, I wouldn't even say frowned upon, just something that's nonexistent in most southern homes."

He's also had several incidents within the UFC including illegal strikes and weird behavior, including using an inhaler between rounds.

UFC fans were up in arms when Hardy fought on the same card as Jessica Rose Clark who is a domestic violence survivor. Fans also accused the UFC of "whitewashing" Hardy's violent past due to the potential star power they had. That star faded quickly. Hardy was not re-signed by the UFC after three strain losses, including two back-to-back first-round knockouts.

Hardy was also recently seen working at a Walmart in Garland, Texas, so we think perhaps he needs the cash and doesn't care about getting knocked out (again).