Watch Dana White roast Tom Brady for Netflix special (Video)

Dana White, Sean O'Malley and Max Holloway got ripped apart during the Tom Brady roast.
Dana White roasting Tom Brady
Dana White roasting Tom Brady / Netflix

UFC president Dana White was in attendance for the Netflix roast of Tom Brady which aired live on Sunday night. Though White wasn't one of the comedians on stage, he was given 60 seconds on the microphone to roast not just Brady but Netflix and Jeff Ross as well.

The special lasted roughly two and a half hours and featured Will Ferrell in character as Ron Burgandy, Kim Kardashian, Gronk, Bill Belichick, and many others. Before White's time on the microphone, he was the subject of a roast when Ross pointed out the table with White, Sean O'Malley and Max Holloway. He compared White to Michael Vick and the two UFC champions as members of the cast of Queen Eye.

Andrew Schulz, another comedian, roasted White over fighter pay saying, “Oh that’s why Dana White’s here, so you can learn how to f*ck a Brazilian out of half their purse.”

Watch Dana White get roasted on Netflix comedy special

Like with anything White is attached to, the fans were mixed over his quick 60 seconds on Netflix. Most fans took the chance to criticize him for not being funny. Others thought his jokes landed. It's impossible to make everyone happy.

White was a guest due to his close friendship with Brady. The pair have supported each others ventures for years. Just recently Brady attended a fight card at the UFC APEX and a Power Slap event which took place during Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas.

As expected, many of the jokes aimed at Brady were geared towards his divorce, his appearance, his cheating scandals and even rumors of him being gay. He was a good sport. The camera cut to O'Malley and Hollway laughing several times, as well.

If you ask me, White did great considering he's not a comedian. His jokes were for sure more "inside" style jokes which is why several of them didn't seem to land. It's tough to be a comedian and stepping out of his comfort zone should be commended. We also have to not take what he said too seriously, pushing the envelope is really what these events are for and in the long run, nothing he said was all that controversial.