Watch Conor McGregor lunge for Michael Chandler’s throat in epic first TUF 31 trailer (VIDEO)

Conor McGregor in TUF 31 trailer
Conor McGregor in TUF 31 trailer / UFC

The TUF 31 trailer is even more madness than we had expected.

The highly anticipated season 31 of The Ultimate Fighter is slowly approaching. The countdown to episode 1 has begun and the UFC just stepped up the excitement with a teaser fit for two legends.

The teaser features both coaches Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler plus highlights from the fights which look to be pretty intense. But the show stopper was the last seconds of the trailer when, during a face-off, McGregor lunged for Chandler's throat.

Watch: First official TUF 31 trailer

There had already been rumors of an "incident" between the coaches but the stories we were told by the cast during the ultimate media day earlier this year alluded to another squabble.

Even UFC president Dana White spoke on the matter during a post-fight press conference earlier this year.

“Chandler and Conor were very respectful to each other and then some things started escalating that you’ll see on the show," he said. “The stuff that just happened shouldn’t have happened and I’m getting old, boys. I’m getting old. I would’ve been in there sooner back in the old days but not good… There was a lot of s*** that went down on Friday.”

Needless to say this is going to be an epic season, regardless.

The show will begin airing on May 31, live on ESPN.

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