Watch boxer pepper spray his opponent during face-off (Video)

An influencer turned boxer is in hot water after he pepper sprayed his boxing opponent during their face-off.
Charleston White
Charleston White / Twitter

Charleston White, a comedian on YouTube, has made the transition to boxing and isn't making the best first impression.

Ahead of his fight with Suede the Plug God, the pair faced off for photo ops but White took that moment to pepper spray his opponent after he was shoved during the staredown.

After the incident White took to social media to double down on his actions.

"There's a difference between fighting and boxing. I keep trying to tell you I'm a motherf***ing boxer, I don't do no motherf***ing bar fight," he said (h/t Talksport). "I'm an amateur, professional boxer with the USA boxing association, don't put your motherf***ing hands on me outside of boxing... I'm a sanctioned fighter, you trying to fight unsanctioned. Keep your God damn hands off me, he's lucky I didn't press charges for assault... keep your motherf***ing hands off of me until we get in the ring."

Allegedly White also pepper sprayed rapper Sauce Walka.

“Aye, Phoenix, I love y’all, man,” Sauce Walka began his video message (h/t Hip Hop DX). “We had this incredible weekend, incredible night last night. The fight was great, remember the knockout. We gon’ speak on Charleston White real quick. I’ma clear the air, tell y’all the real. First and foremost, y’all better leave that n***a Charleston White alone, man. Stop f***ing with that man Batman, stop f***ing with The Joker. That n***a Batman and The Joker put together. That’s the baddest man, but I like him.