This video of Cam Newton brawl proves he’s UFC-ready

  • A video of NLF star Cam Newton is making the rounds on Twitter
  • His actions during a multi-man brawl has caught the attention of MMA fans
  • Some think he's got the skills of the Octagon
Cam Newton
Cam Newton / Streeter Lecka/GettyImages

Cam Newton has been all over Twitter for keeping his composure during a brawl in Atlanta this weekend. The whole thing took place at the We Ball Sports annual invite-only 7-on-7 flag football tournament that rewards up to $5,000 in cash prizes for the winning team, according to Sporting News.

Though many Twitter users are referring to the fight as Newton getting jumped, it's unclear exactly how it started and why Newton got involved. But what is clear is Newton can hold his own, and do a little damage of his own.

He'd make an incredible UFC fighter.

Cam Newton brawl video is proof he's got MMA skills

Here's another angle of the whole encounter.

Newton has been recorded as weighing 242 pounds as of 2018, but probably weighs more now. That sets him up nicely as a heavyweight contender or if he wan't to get really serious, he might be able to cut down to 205 to dominate the light heavyweights.

One thing is for sure, he might be welcomed into the fold with about the same criticism that Greg Hardy got when he came into the UFC due to his history of alleged violence against women.

For the time being, Newton should stay out of crowds and maybe take up some MMA classes if he thinks he might get jumped again.

Oh, and Newton is one of the many athletes who are part owner of the UFC so he could probably pull some strings.


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