Vicente Luque reacts to Ian Garry illness, fight cancelation

Vicente Luque is all class when it comes to his fight with Ian Garry being scrapped.

Vicente Luque
Vicente Luque / Amy Kaplan

Late Wednesday night, UFC president Dana White revealed the Ian Garry vs. Vicente Luque fight was scrapped due to Garry coming down with pneumonia.

Many fans felt that the illness was faked in order to avoid having to see media and fans after weeks of controversy surrounding his wife and past gym experiences.

His opponent took to Instagram after the announcement to support Garry.

Vicente Luque says he gave Ian Garry fight camp 'my all' ahead of UFC 296

“First of all, I wish the best recovery. Speedy recovery for him, and the best for his family – and it’s really unfortunate,” Luque said on Instagram. “I was so ready for this fight. I’ve had a great training camp. Anybody that sees me on social media sees a little bit of what I’ve been doing. They know how ready I am for this fight. Weight cut has been going so, so good – the easiest weight cut I’ve ever had in my career. I have all my team here supporting me. A lot of guys came out in this fight. A lot of people supported me to come watch the fight, as well, and unfortunately it’s not going to happen. It’s out of my control. Everything that I could do, everything that I have control of in my job and really put my heart into this, I did. I gave it my all. Unfortunately, we cannot really control everything. As I said, I wish the best. I wish recovery for Ian. Now it’s time for me to rest. I did have a hard training camp.”

Garry also commented on the fight withdraw, giving a statement to Ariel Helwani on Wednesday night.

“I have pneumonia,” Garry told Helwani. “They tried everything to help me. In the end, UFC doctor said there’s no chance I can fight. The UFC doctor made the call. … This annoys me more than anyone. I want to fight. It’s my favorite thing to do.”

At press time, there's been no word on a potential replacement for Luque.

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