UFC star ranks as the one of most famous Australian sports stars ... but it's not who you probably think

This former UFC champion is ranked No. 7 on the list, but the pound-for-pound featherweight GOAT isn't.

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According to a study done by BettingTop10 Australia, a former UFC champion ranks amongst the top 10 sports stars recognized by fans.

The site used, "social media presence, engagement, and Google search data to create a definitive index ranking their fame and influence."

Robert Whittaker is on the list at No. 7 with a score of 69.89 out of 100, and shockingly UFC pound-for-pound best, Alexander Volkanovski isn't listed anywhere.

“The study's results shed light on the remarkable resonance and connection that these sports stars have established with fans worldwide, making them incredibly prominent figures within the sports community and Australian culture as a whole," A spokesperson for BettingTop10 Australia said in a press release.

Topping the list is Formula 1 driver and 8-time Grand Prix winner Daniel Ricciardo who holds an 87.53 score with professional tennis player Nick Kyrgios, scoring 80.33, coming in second.

Top 10 most famous Australian sports stars

1. Daniel Ricciardo
2. Nick Kyrgios
3. Ben Simmons
4. Sam Kerr
5. Pat Cummins
6. Ellyse Perry
7. Robert Whittaker
8. Ash Barty
9. Alex de Minaur
10. Nathan Lyon

Whittaker was, at one time, the biggest MMA star from Australia but hasn't won a fight since 2022.

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