The UFC should sign Aziz Osorbek Uulu right away

Here's why the UFC should sign Aziz Osorbek Uulu before someone else does.

Aziz Osorbek Uulu
Aziz Osorbek Uulu / UFC Fight Pass

On Friday, March 22, I was invited to attend Tuff-N-Uff 136 in Las Vegas, NV. The promotion is a prestigious amateur and professional event which regularly holds events featuring the up-and-comers in MMA.

I was sitting cage-side with my son, enjoying the show and fully intended to just enjoy some fights and go on my merry way. But then Aziz Osorbek Uulu arrived. When the promotion was doing their introductions of Osorbek Uulu and his opponent Matt Jones, I leaned over to my 17-year-old son and whispered, 'This one will be quick, fighters from Kyrgyzstan are really good.'

I was not wrong.

16 seconds later Osorbek Uulu was celebrating his TKO victory and the crowd was going absolutely bananas. And rightly so, unfortunately for Jones, he had no chance to recover from the onslaught of Osorbek Uulu once he got his hooks in.

You can actually watch the full in the video below.

Sitting cage-side just a few seats away from my son and me was UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby who sat smiling at the performance and even gave him a thumbs up when he referred to him in his post-fight interview. If he hasn't done so already, this should be one of the next guys the UFC signs.

Osorbek Uulu has won nine of this last 10 fights. The last loss came in 2021 when he was finished in the third round of UAE Warriors 20 by Victor Nunes.

Of those nine wins, at least three were by TKO/KO, three of the wins are unspecific due to taking place in the Kyrgyzstan regional circuit. The 145 pound fighter could make a great addition to the stacked featherweight division and could be signed directly to the UFC or through the contender series. He currently holds a 19-8 professional record.

Right now he's training out of Sacramento with Urijah Faber at Team Alpha Male so he's got the backing of a legitimate camp behind him. He just needs that call from Dana White to secure his much deserved spot on the UFC roster.

Amateur heavyweight William Kreitler also deserves recognition

Additionally, and unrelated to Osorbek Uulu, there was a heavyweight amateur I spotted on the prelims that also deserves some attention. William Kreitler secured an 11-second brutal knockout of his opponent i the second fight of the night. This was only his second fight and the first ended in a 10-second brutal knockout. The UFC brass should keep their eyes on Kreitler to see if the trend continues and perhaps sign him to a developmental deal to nab him before someone else does.


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