UFC News: UFC 303 takes another hit, Israel Adesanya advises Michael Chandler, Sean O'Malley's Mount Rushmore

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Israel Adesanya
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Carlos Ulberg out, Roman Dolidze in versus Anthony Smith

THE NEWS: UFC 303 took another hit when it was revealed that Carlos Ulberg is out of his fight with Anthony Smith and Roman Dolidze will be stepping in. None of this has been confirmed by the UFC yet though.

MY THOUGHTS: Is UFC 303 cursed? Having to find a short notice replacement opponent for the short notice replacement is wild. But I don't mind this match-up, Dolidze is on a two-fight losing streak and will be pretty desperate for a win. Smith always fights like it is his last so this could be an absolute banger of a fight.

Israel Adesanya gives much-needed advice to Michael Chandler

THE NEWS: Former middleweight champion Israel Adesanya offered some advice to Michael Chandler following the UFC 303 fight with Conor McGregor getting canceled. “I think that fight is going to happen, regardless,” Adesanya said on his YouTube channel. “Chandler should just take a fight [for the time being], and that’s even better for him — win or lose — because he’ll still get more reps. Take a fight, regardless. That Conor fight is always going to be there because they both faced each other [as coaches] on [The Ultimate Fighter]. Beef, all that other stuff sprinkled all over it.

MY THOUGHTS: I don't actually think Adesanya is wrong. I don't think Chandler should wait more than 3-6 more months. But Adesanya really isn't one to talk. He went out on "retirement" in order to do whatever the heck he was doing and now he's getting an immediate title shot on his return. That won't happen for everyone.

Sean O'Malley revealed his Mount Rushmore of UFC strikers

THE NEWS: UFC bantamweight champion Sean O'Malley revealed the list of his best strikers Mount Rushmore. He included himself, Max Holloway, Ilia Topuria and Israel Adesanya.

MY THOUGHTS: I'm a little shocked he'd include Topuria. He's not wrong of course but showing praise to someone he's trying to fight is out of charecter for O'Malley. He's got a pretty decent list going there too. Anyone you would change on that list??