UFC news: Ian Garry's weird threat, Paige VanZant explains Power Slap & Alexa Grasso at UFC Noche

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Ian Garry
Ian Garry / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

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Ian Garry says Michael Page is going to be suspended after their fight

THE NEWS: While appearing at the UFC 303 pre-fight press conference, Ian Garry made a statement about his opponent Michael "Venom" Page getting suspended after their fight. “Did you and your team offer thousands of dollars to get information in Chute Boxe from my boys?” Garry said on the stage. “Did you send someone a message and offer thousands for information? And you couldn’t infiltrate the camp. You couldn’t get into it. The Chute Boxe family is too tight. Your little rat jiu-jitsu coach offered money to one of my Brazilian friends and you got nothing. Saturday night, you’re f*cked.”

He continued, “All I know is you’re suspended after this fight,” Garry said. “You’re never fighting again after this fight. You and your jiu-jitsu coach are getting suspended for life.”

MY THOUGHTS: Garry's comments don't make a lot of sense. What exactly is MVP going to get suspended for? As far as I know, getting info from the rival team isn't illegal and it's been done a ton of times. Maybe there's something we don't know?

Paige VanZant explains decision to join Power Slap

THE NEWS: Former UFC fighter Paige VanZant explains why she decided to do Power Slap. "It was a conversation that we had in the gym.  Everybody watches Power Slap.  They've taken over.  Everybody knows what it is.  Everybody's seen the highlight videos and a lot of people are like, 'No.  I would never do that,' or they have mixed emotions about it all," VanZant said at the pre-fight media day.  "For me, I was like, 'Yeah, I'd do that.'  Of course.  I look back at my UFC career, my bare-knuckle boxing career, everything that I've done.  You can't take away how tough I am.  This is like the ultimate test of toughness.  You stand there and you've got to have the balls to get hit."

MY THOUGHTS: It's no secret that I genuinely love watching Power Slap. And I've been asking for more women for a long time. I am happy they are putting in the effort and bringing in big names. I think PVZ will be an incredible addition to the lineup for Power Slap 8.

Alexa Grasso isn't waiting for Valentina Shevchenko

THE NEWS: Alexa Grasso appeared at the UFC Sphere graphic reveal and explained that she wants to be on the UFC Noche card, with or without her upcoming opponent, Valentina Shevchenko. “That’s the plan,” Grasso said. “That’s the fight I would like to happen. I have to be part of Noche UFC. How can I not be part of Noche UFC this year? So I just truly hope she can accept the fight. It’s good for both of us.”

MY THOUGHTS: Alexa Grasso absolutely deserves to be on the UFC Noche card at the Sphere. I understand why Shevchenko may not want to, but that's a choice Shevchenko will have to make. Grasso needs to be on that card.