UFC NEWS: Alex Pereira’s coach's epic quote, Francis Ngannou fight update & Islam Makhachev vs. Michael Chandler?

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Alex Pereira and Plinio Cruz
Alex Pereira and Plinio Cruz / UFC

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Alex Pereira’s coach Plinio Cruz just dropped an epic quote about UFC 303

THE NEWS: Plinio Cruz, who is one of Alex Pereira’s coaches gave an epic quote while appearing as a guest on The MMA Hour on Monday. “The way that we drew the plan to come to this fight week was to not feel too responsible for this thing,” Cruz explained on The MMA Hour. “Like, when the fight was booked, he looked at me and said, ‘Okay, how are you gonna do this?’ I say, ‘This time, we’re not gonna get no Airbnb. We’re not gonna get a big house. We’re not gonna bring a whole entourage. It’s gonna be me, you, Glover, the corners, and the boys.’"

he continued, “‘We’re gonna stay in the fighter’s hotel, we’re gonna go over there like we’re gonna fight on the undercard. We’re gonna win this fight, go back home.’

“I told him with these exact words,” he continued. “Sometimes, you have enough time to look at the blueprint of the bank, check the cameras, and plan a bank robbery. Or sometimes, you just give your your friends a gun, tell them to hop in the car, and let’s just go rob a bank together.”

MY THOUGHTS: This man is a genius and seems to know exactly what to say and when at just the right time. Coach of the year award for 2024 might just be on the horizion.

Francis Ngannou next fight update

THE NEWS: Francis Ngannou's coach, Eric Nicksick gave an update on Ngannou's plans for his next fight. “I really don’t know, to be honest with you,” Nicksick said about the timeline for Ngannou’s next fight. “I hope so [in 2024]. I hope so, because I think keeping him busy has been the best thing for him. It’s helped him a lot."

Ngannou suffered the loss of his young child earlier this month. “No parent should ever have to go through what he went through," he said. "Only time will tell, and time will heal. I hope that just because I want to see him compete again with this on him, I want him to be able to find a purpose in competing again. But whatever he decides to do, I’m going to have his back 110 percent.”

MY THOUGHTS: I don't see Ngannou fighting anytime soon, perhaps the earliest would be a December fight card. I also don't see him ever fighting in MMA again (I've been saying that for years now). Ngannou should fight again but no one would blame him if he packed up the gloves and just spent time at home.

Is Islam Makhachev vs. Michael Chandler really happening?

THE NEWS: According to Michael Chandler, he's been offered a fight with the UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev for October but Makhachev refuted those claims. “You are unreliable,” Makhachev Tweeted. “One tweet from your master and you’ll run away. Champ needs real opponent.”

MY THOUGHTS: I didn't believe that Chandler had been offered Makhachev the moment he said it. Why would they give Chandler a tiltle shot with no recent wins? Made no sense. But I also understand that Chandler is probably getting desperate since his gamble for McGregor has not paid off.