Are UFC Gyms open on Thanksgiving?

UFC Gym holiday hours on Thanksgiving 2023

A sign is seen on the door of the UFC GYM in Reno on May 15, 2021.

Ren Mask Guidance 03
A sign is seen on the door of the UFC GYM in Reno on May 15, 2021. Ren Mask Guidance 03 / JASON BEAN/RGJ via Imagn Content

Since its grand opening in 2009, the UFC Gyms have provided a unique brand of fitness. Combining martial arts training with traditional weightlifting and cardio, the business venture has been largely successful for the world's premier martial arts organization.

Opened by UFC Gym CEO Adam Sedlack, the facilities offer every amenity one would find in a commercial gym including weightlifting machines, barbells, free weights, squat racks, cardio equipment and more. However, they also include martial arts classes and equipment for customers to use in both a casual fitness setting and competitive training. Many locations also include a unique and small UFC octagon, allowing people to get the professional-like feel.

Like many commercial gyms, however, the UFC Gyms hold unorthodox hours on most holidays. Some days require a full closing while others lead to shortened operating hours.

With many locations around the world, each gym tends to hold its own hours unique to the area. The gym hours on Thanksgiving may vary by venue.

Will UFC Gyms be open on Thanksgiving 2023?

Depending on the location, operating hours for each UFC Gym will differ. However, most of the gyms within the United States will at the least be closing early. Please check with your local UFC Gym for their hours.

Many UFC Gyms that are typically 24-hour locations will remain open with shortened hours. Other locations with systematic opening and closing times will be closed for the day.

Many UFC Gym locations offer specific amenities that will also be altered for Thanksgiving. Many locations will have altered availability for kids club daycare and group fitness classes.

Will UFC Gyms be open on Black Friday?

Despite shortened hours on Thanksgiving, all UFC Gyms will be fully functional on Black Friday in 2023. In addition, there will be exclusive Black Friday deals available on the UFC Gym website and on-site at some specific places.

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