The UFC's first YouTube video was 17 years ago, do you know who it featured?

The UFC uploaded their very first YouTube video on March 19, 2007 and it featured a boxer.
YouTube / SOPA Images/GettyImages

The UFC celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2023 and, if you can believe it, is older than YouTube. The video streaming platform was launched in Feb. 2005 and the UFC held its first fight in November 1993. But if you look at the relationship between YouTube and the UFC now, it's like they were always a packaged deal. Many fighters have their own YouTube channels and the UFC still airs a lot of content on the streaming platform.

But have you ever wondered what the very first UFC YouTube video was? Well, you won't believe it but it was a video featuring UFC CEO Dana White's favorite person, Oscar De La Hoya. Also in the video is Diego Sanchez.

The video was uploaded on March 19, 2007 and is captioned, "Boxing legend Oscar de la Hoya and UFC undefeated fighter Diego Sanchez work out with Rob Garcia in Puerto Rico." Oh, how the times have changed.

Oscar de la Hoya was in the first-ever UFC YouTube video

The video has less than 500,000 views right now which is unfathomable for a newer UFC clip. For example, the UFC shared José Aldo vs, Chad Mendes 2 and in just five hours is has almost 18 million views.

It's wild to think about the start of these types of platforms and what period of time the UFC was in when it was uploaded. When this video was uploaded Sanchez was preparing to fight Josh Koshcheck at UFC 69: Shocked. In that fight, Sanchez suffered his first professional loss via a unanimous decision. He would go on to lose his next fight too.

UFC 69: Shocked was headlined by a title fight between Matt Serra and Georges St-Pierre. The co-main event was the Sanchez fight. Also featured on the card was Roger Huerta, Mike Swick, Kendall Grove, and Luke Cummo among many others.