UFC is firing back at the Pillow Fight Championship

The UFC is fighting back against the Pillow Fight Championship for trademark issues.
UFC logo
UFC logo / SOPA Images/GettyImages

According to the NY Post, the UFC is lacing up its gloves and putting up a fight against the PFC (Pillow Fight Championship).

The UFC is going after the organization that hosts violent pillow fights in a boxing ring, due to the similaries in the PFC logo and the UFC logo.

“It’s ridiculous. Out of the 100 million comments nobody ever said anything about being confused," PFC’s CEO, Steve Williams told the outlet.

The PFC applied for a trademark of their logo on Aug. 18, 2021 and the UFC caught wind of it. According to the trademark office website, the opposition is still pending.

Williams says they won't be fighting back with the UFC.

“Yes I’d definitely like to get Dana in the ring. He’s a decade younger and spent his entire life around MMA fighters but I’m 100 percent sure that I’d stomp his skinny a** in the first round,” Williams told the outlet.

Williams also said the now-defunct fight between Elon Musk and mark Zuckerberg would have been better suited for pillow fighting, not MMA.

“They could have easily done a pillow fight and that would have absolutely made sense, no one would have got hurt,” he said. “And you would probably have just as many people watching it.”

The UFC has not publicly commented on the lawsuit.

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