UFC 287: 10 reasons to watch

Jessica Alcheh-USA TODAY Sports
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1. The UFC returns to Miami

Whilst the UFC is no stranger to visiting Florida for monumental numbered cards, such as UFC 273, UFC 261 or even the first COVID-19 event they held with UFC 249, it has been a long while since they made their way towards South Florida. In fact, the last time the UFC visited Miami was all the way back in 2003 with UFC 42, when Matt Hughes defended his welterweight title against Sean Sherk in the main event.

It is safe to say that the UFC, and MMA, have come a very long way since those days when it could barely get by or had to see which states would even allow them to compete. Now, they return to Miami with the best talent available, the biggest fights, and the best storylines that any MMA promotion could offer. Whilst I can't be sure how many pay-per-view buys UFC 287 will generate, I'm willing to bet it will do better than the 35 thousand it sold back in 2003, just like I'm sure that more than seven thousand people will attend the event, unlike at UFC 42.

2. A LATAM filled card for a LATAM crowd

The UFC did not get to the top of MMA by simply booking random, exciting fights in cities all across the world. There is a formula that they have followed and it is not difficult to understand. All one needs to do is look at how UFC 286 was booked in London, with almost all the fights containing a British fighter for the partisan crowd to go absolutely nuts when they made their way towards the octagon.

UFC 287 is no exception to the rule. Not only is the self-proclaimed 'King of Miami' Jorge Masvidal taking part in the co-main event (more on him later) but the UFC has made sure to stack the card full of Latino talent. Miami has one of the largest Hispanic communities all across the United States and the Latino community makes up for the majority of the population in the 'Magic City'.

From the 13 fights, 10 of them contain at least one fighter with Latino roots or from a Hispanic country. The likes of Brazil, Chile, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Mexico, and Cuba will all be represented this weekend, and expect a huge pop whenever their nationality is announced by Bruce Buffer.