Twitter rips Deontay Wilder after terrible performance, teases retirement

Deontay Wilder just gave fans his worst performance to date ... and seemed happy about it.

Deontay Wilder
Deontay Wilder / Richard Pelham/GettyImages

On Saturday night in Saudi Arabia, Deontay Wilder put on the worst performance of his career. Joseph Parker pieced apart Wilder over the course of 12 rounds for a pretty embarrassing loss.

Even Eddie Earn thought it was terrible.

"I said in the build-up I don't rate him," he said after the fight. "Wilder had no idea, no clue. He lost 120-108, lost every round, and he's there at the end putting his hand up saying he's won the fight. He's not right. That's the reality. It was the most one-sided heavyweight fight I've ever seen. It's ruined our plans [for the Anthony Joshua fight]. We've got to go back into the changing room and let Joshua know Wilder has just lost to Parker. The future is not Deontay Wilder."

After the fight he took to the mic and announced retirement isn't completely out of the question.

"We'll see what happens, we still have a little bit left, but I did a great job managing my money," he said. "I'm a happy fighter. I'll be back, and if not, then it's been a pleasure. I don't know [if I still have the same fire I used to], a lot has calmed me down. I've been wearing this smile all week long and I'mma still wear it. Nothing can stop me on that."

His positivity after the loss led some to wonder if he threw the fight.

Here's how Twitter reacted after the fight.

A fight between Wilder and Francis Ngannou has been teased, but in the MMA cage for PFL. Curious if that's the route he goes after a fight like this.