Tony Weeks claims NSAC let Frederick Lawson fight Vergil Ortiz Jr. even though he failed brain scans

Tony Weeks said Frederick Lawson did not pass his brain scans ahead of the Vergil Ortiz Jr. fight.
Vergil Ortiz Jr. and Frederick Lawson
Vergil Ortiz Jr. and Frederick Lawson / Golden Boy

Veteran boxing referee Tony Weeks dropped on heck of a bombshell over the weekend.

On Saturday boxing returned with a bout between Vergil Ortiz Jr. and Frederick Lawson, but the fight was stopped in the very first round, in what seemed like a wildly early and unnecessary stoppage.

After the fight, Weeks took to his official Facebook page to reveal some troubling information.

“What the public didn’t know that prior to the fight they did a brain scan on him, and it came up that he had an aneurysm,” Weeks wrote. “And they did a test again, and the same aneurysm came up. Another doctor was brought in and gave him the same examination and he tested negative for the aneurysm, so they cleared him to fight.”

The post has since been deleted.

If true, this could be a huge deal for boxing and a blight on the reputation of the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

After the post was made, Golden Boy, the promoter, denied the claims that Weeks made.


NSAC has issued a statement claiming that "all in the event were subject to full medical examinations and were cleared by medical experts."

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