Tony Ferguson reveals he fought Paddy Pimblett with torn MCL at UFC 296 (Video)

  • Tony Ferguson says he tore his MCL before the Paddy Pimblett fight
  • He lost the fight but refuses to retire
  • He shared a video on Instagram
Tony Ferguson
Tony Ferguson / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

We all know Tony Ferguson is build differently and now he's proved it.

According to the former UFC interim champion, he fought his last fight with a pretty major injury. Ferguson posted a video on Instagram revealing he tore his MCL in his right knee but fought anyway. He's now undergone injury.

"2 Weeks Before Thanksgiving I F*cked My Sh*t Up During A Practice Sesh, MCL Tear," Ferguson wrote in his typical wild text. "I Kept It To Myself & Put It Behind Me Til After The Fight. I Trained Like No One Knew, Sh*t Hurt So Good. Three Weeks Before Fight Time Told A Few Of My CrewNothing Changed. I Recently Took Care Of My Leg (My MCL) & Had Surgery Last Thursday One Week After My Elbow/Arm Surgery (Both Arthroscopy’s). Thought I Would Get Them Both Done & Double-Down. Got It Over W/ So I Can Do What I Do Best."

Ferguson lost the fight via Pimblett but took him to a decision. That loss marked the eighth in a row for the fan-favorite fighter.

One thing Ferguson failed to reveal was the retirement that many fans had hoped would happen after the last loss. It seems he's intending on rehabbing and getting right back into action as soon as he can.

Even though Ferguson seems keen on keeping fighting, UFC president Dana White not on the same page.

"I would love to see him retire," White said.


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