A timeline of Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller's criminal history [UPDATED SEPT 2023]

Everything you need to know about Mayhem Miller and his long criminal history.
Mayhem Miller's mugshots
Mayhem Miller's mugshots /
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February 2016 - DUI

Miller was arrested in Irvine, CA and charged with a DUI.

March 2016 - Vandalizing a tattoo shop

Miller was arrested for vandalism and robbery of a tattoo shop in Lake Forest, CA. He was held on $1 million bail.

July 2016 - Spitting at the Chop House

In July, Miller was arrested at the Saddle Ranch Chop House after "allegedly injuring a security guard and spitting on a police officer." The charges were later dismissed.

November 2017 - felony battery

Miller pleaded guilty to felony domestic battery and received a "suspended sentence of four years in prison and three years of probation" for the incident.

October 2018 - Destroying property

Miller was charged with felony vandalism after police were called to his girlfriend's home. She claimed he "smashed a large marble table, punched holes in the walls, tore down doors, and derailed the home's garage door."

Due to the crime, and his previous incidents he was facing 23 years in state prison but accepted a plea deal on July 19, 2019 for one year of incarceration and two years of probation, he was released having already served his time.