Themba Gorimbo says message from The Rock made him cry before UFC Vegas 85 (VIDEO)

  • Themba Gorimbo says he got emotional before UFC Vegas 85
  • He says The Rock sent him a message that made him cry
  • He revealed the message to the media after the fight
The Rock
The Rock / Pablo Cuadra/GettyImages

By now, most MMA fans know the story about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson buying Themba Gorimbo a house after he revealed he only had $7 in his bank account. But their friendship has continued even after that moment and Gorimbo revealed the megastar sent him a message before his UFC Vegas 85 fight on Saturday.

Gorimbo secured a stunning 36 second knockout and spoke about the message in his post-fight interview.

“He made me cry before this fight — DJ, wherever you are, that was not cool,” Gorimbo said. “But yeah, I love him. He sent me a message just before the fight when I was backstage, and I’m sure my coaches were thinking maybe I was just in the zone, but I was crying a little bit trying to hold my tears.”

He then read the text message to the media.

“You were born for this moment, brother. Best of luck today. God has blessed you.”

Gorimbo said he will be helping to build a library in his home country which will have electricity so kids can study after it gets dark. He says this is something he wishes he had when he was in school.


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