Super Bowl 58 ticket prices: How much to attend big game in fight capital?

Everything you need to know about Super Bowl tickets.
Feb 4, 2024; Las Vegas, NV, USA; A Welcome to Las Vegas Super Bowl 58 at team arrivals at the Harry
Feb 4, 2024; Las Vegas, NV, USA; A Welcome to Las Vegas Super Bowl 58 at team arrivals at the Harry / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Las Vegas, Nevada's Allegiant Stadium hosts Super Bowl 58 on Feb. 11 between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. Sin City is an events hub, especially for major MMA fight cards. However, this is its first Super Bowl. Attendance is on many fans' bucket lists. How much does it cost to make this dream reality?

As in past years, tickets to the Super Bowl are highly coveted and demand a steep price. MMA fans are no strangers to busting out the checkbook for a pay-per-view or exciting matchup in a nearby arena. However, those prices are peanuts compared to Super Bowl tickets.

Fight enthusiasts know all too well the current cost of a UFC pay-per-view is $79.99. Entry to a prestige UFC event like UFC 295 in November 2023 at Madison Square Garden through authorized vendors like Ticketmaster started at around $300 and went up to about $12,000.

Though UFC 300 in Las Vegas's nearby T-Mobile Center is on the horizon, tickets still aren't listed. They'll likely be as pricy as the lead-up cards like UFC 299 at Kaseya Center in Miami, Florida. Ticketmaster offers nosebleed seats for $426, while the most valuable spots top out at around $4,750.

Super Bowl tickets are about $5,000 right now

How do all these compare to the year's most prestigious sporting event?

Ticketmaster lists the cheapest Super Bowl ticket for $6,000. The most expensive is a whopping $48,000. These prices are comparable with past years. The game's magnitude, celebrity presence, halftime performance, and the winner's raising of the Lombardi Trophy combine for quite an experience.

Judging by UFC 299 prices, MMA fans could have Octagon side seats for approximately the next ten pay-per-views for the same cost as the most expensive Super Bowl tickets.

Though a Super Bowl trip isn't possible for most folks, it still airs on CBS network TV. Streamers also have the option of watching on Paramount+. UFC devotees rarely have access to freely televised events since most exist behind an ESPN+ paywall.

At least there are cost-effective options if one can't see the Super Bowl in person. MMA followers usually can't say the same. Most sports fans must scrimp, save, and possibly sell their worldly possessions to cross some of these live events off their to-do lists.


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