The Simpson predicted Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou robbery

MMA Twitter thinks that The Simpsons predicted Tyson Fury would win ... via robbery.
The Simpsons
The Simpsons / FOX

Fans on Twitter think that the TV show The Simpsons may have predicted that Francis Ngannou would lose his fight to Tyson Fury via a robbery.

Heading to the judge's scorecards, fans felt that Ngannou, who knocked Fury down, had done enough to win the fight but two of the judges disagreed and awarded Fury the win.

In Season 8, episode 3, Homer Simpson fights heavyweight boxer Drederick Tatum. In screenshots it appears as though Homer (who has a striking resemblance to Fury) is losing the fight to Tatum (Ngannou) but ends up winning the fight anyway.

The breakdown of the episode, according to IMDB says, "After discovering that Homer can take punches without feeling any apparent pain, ex-fighter Moe promotes him as a boxer. Homer's punching is poor but he only has to stand still long enough before the opponents are exhausted and collapse."

The Simpsons predicted the submarine disaster, smartwatches and more

This isn't the first time that the show has allegedly predicted something happening in real life.

In Season 17, Episode 10 which aired in 2006, the show predicted the Titanic submersible disaster. In Season 20, Episode 4 which aired in 2008 predicted an electronic voting mishap which would happen in 2021.

In 1995 The Simpson featured smartwatches which were not made public until two decades later.

Of course, with anything, you can manipulate anything to fit your narrative but it's fun to think about anyway.

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