Sergei Pavlovich issues statement, commission bans dead boxer, Mike Perry back to MMA?

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Sergei Pavlovich
Sergei Pavlovich / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

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Sergei Pavlovich issues first statement since UFC Saudi Arabia loss

THE NEWS: Sergei Pavlovich lost his fight against Alexander Volkov via a hard unanimous decision at UFC Saudi Arabia. On Monday, the Russian heavyweight released his first statement since the loss. "It wasn't my day, nothing went according to plan," he wrote. "I was ready for anything, but I was too focused on getting a knockout and took too many unnecessary hits. The result was a loss by points. This was very emotional and tough for me, especially knowing that I didn't meet your expectations. Thank you all for your support! I promise to come back stronger and wiser."

MY THOUGHTS: It was hard to see Pavlovich like this. He didn't fight like he normally does and his unsportsmanlike shove after the fight wasn't great either. This isn't the end of Pavlovich, not by a long shot. He'll be back soon better than ever before.

A boxing commission sanctioned a fighter who isn't even alive anymore

THE NEWS: UK Anti-Doping handed boxer Moises Calleros a four-year suspension after testing positive for cocaine following his latest fight. The only hiccup is that the fighter is dead. “UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) has today received information regarding the death of Mexican professional boxer Moises Calleros. UKAD received this information shortly after publishing details of the outcome from a case concerning Mr. Calleros in accordance with the UK Anti-Doping Rules. Unfortunately, UKAD had no information regarding Mr Calleros’ sad passing at the time of publication and has now removed all details of this case from its channels.”

MY THOUGHTS: While I'm appalled at such a lengthy suspension for something so minor, I'm more shocked they had not realized that the fighter in question had died in March. What a joke of a commission.

Mike Perry might come back to MMA

THE NEWS: According to Mike Perry, he'd planned on making a return to MMA before he was offered a fight with Jake Paul. He was even considering Dillon Danis of all people. “I was still looking at that Dillon Danis fight," he told MMA Fighting. "That wasn’t going to be a boxing match because we all saw how he performed in boxing. I don’t want any excuses. I was supposed to fight him after I beat up Jake Paul but after I beat Jake Paul, let’s be honest, I could just chill out for a bit and let things unravel around me.”

MY THOUGHTS: I would love to see Perry return to MMA, he's been super successful in bare-knuckle boxing and he deserves a chance to get back into the cage if that's what he wants to do. The only hiccup is I don't want any part of getting Danis a fight.