Sean Strickland weighs in on viral NYC subway 'murder'

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Sean Strickland has some thoughts about the man who was killed after viral NYC subway choke.

Sean Strickland is never one to hold back his feelings about anything, especially controversial topics.

And now he's weighed in on a viral video that ended in someone's death on a New York City subway.

"15 minute choke..... 2 people holding him down, no weapon..... I mean... it kinda looks like a murder," Strickland tweeted along with a photo. "lmao.. every week in NYC you read someone getting rapped or killed on the subway. Bout time you pussies harden up a little. Let's make this the new norm."

He made another tweet writing, "15 minute choke. Looks like murder to me lol. Not saying the guy didn't deserve it. NYC is a shit hole, every week someone is getting rapped or killed on the subway. good to see some hard people still. The only people to blame for this is the politicians. Give this man an award ."

Jordan Neely's death was ruled a homicide after being choked unconscious for 15 minutes on the subway

The video went viral this week when a Black man was put in a choke for 15 minutes and later died. The man 30-year-old Jordan Neely, was initially described to be acting erratically but did not have a weapon.

The white man who put Neely in a chokehold was initially called a hero for potentially saving the subway passengers but that's quickly turned now that the medical examiner has declared his death a homicide.

"What we're seeing is people deputizing themselves and not having a compassionate approach to mental health and homelessness," said one of the speakers at a rally — held at the same station where the altercation occurred NBC 4 New York reported.

A passenger on the subway car talked about the moment.

"The man got on the subway car and began to say a somewhat aggressive speech, saying he was hungry, he was thirsty, that he didn't care about anything, he didn't care about going to jail, he didn't care that he gets a big life sentence," said Juan Alberto Vazquez. "That 'It doesn't even matter if I died.'"

The video of the incident shows a man choking him from behind and two others holding him down until police arrived. He died on scene.

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