Sean Strickland vs. Ryan Garcia is the fight we never asked for

  • Sean Strickland called Ryan Garcia he is a 'f*cking p*ssy'
  • Sean was not pleased with Ryan's recent social media posts
  • They traded jabs online

Sean Strickland and Ryan Garcia
Sean Strickland and Ryan Garcia / Getty

Former UFC champion Sean Strickland and boxing champion Ryan Garcia are trading jabs on Twitter and it's wild to watch.

It all started when Strickland went after the boxer who is clearly going through something and expressing it online. A video was posted that seemed to imply Garcia was dead. He then posted a follow-up to explain he was hacked.

Strickland, who has never been known to mince words, quote-tweeted him and the back-and-forth began.

"God I hate famous people," he tweeted. "Bro you are f*cking RICH.... They're kids in salt mines, kids dying of cancer begging for one more day on this earth and you're having a mental break down on social media.. You f*cking p*ssy..."

Garcia then replied saying, "If you knew God you wouldn’t hate anyone. You went on and Took advantage of a streamer who was someone with no exp. And you gave him a concussion. You think you are doing a service but really you are just a bully coming in the name of a hero."

His reply was in response to Strickland beating up Sneako, a streamer at the UFC PI.

Strickland rolled past that comment and kept taunting Garcia.

"You get what you want?? Did enough people tell you they love you??? Do you feel better??? You get enough attention lmao!!! Next time just be a man and pull the mother f*cker don't press post haha f*cking woman..."

It appears as though Stickland is telling Garcia to follow through with suicidal thoughts he's expressed he's had in the past.

Garcia also shared several screenshot of Strickland crying during a podcast where he talks about the abuse he witnessed when he was a child.

It's wild to think these two would give any attention to the other, but here we are. We don't expect this back-and-forth to die down at all either.