Sean Strickland thinks Ian Garry's wife is 'breeding a mental illness in his head'

Sean Strickland is poking fun at Ian Garry again.

Sean Strickland
Sean Strickland / Amy Kaplan

UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland took a break from targeting Ian Garry to fight with Dricus Du Plessis at UFC 296. But it looks like he's reigniting the fire with his recent tweets.

"I never understand people's need to be validated by the public," he tweeted. "Ian the only thing you should of said was "fuck you I love my wife" but you have a desire to be loved by the people. I will never do something good or horrible because I think people will like me."

He also responded to a fan writing, "The famous life, it gets in your head when you walk into a stadium, everyone is screaming your name. It's wild. I just want to make enough money to leave the word in quiet. Ian's wife wants him to be a super star, she is breeding a mental illness in his head. It's kinda f*cked."

Garry and his wife Layla Machado Garry have been the target of gossip over the last few weeks due in part to a book that Layla wrote about "How to be a WAG." Many fans and even fellow fighters think that 40 year old controls Garry and his career, including telling him how to answer questions or manage his career.

Garry pulled out of his UFC 296 fight with Vicente Luque due to catching pneumonia, but it just made more people think he was avoiding the fans and media.

Strickland also used his own girlfriend as an example of how he thinks a partner should ac.

"My girl would probably leave me.... Lmao you want a girl who tells you 'sean don't shoot that man it will be ok' not 'You wanna be famous or not' lol," he tweeted.

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