Who is Sean Strickland's girlfriend?

Sean Strickland revealed his girlfriend on the UFC 293 Embedded for the first time. But who is she?
Sean Strickland
Sean Strickland / UFC

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Sean Strickland is off the market ... FOR NOW.

The highly controversial UFC middleweight appeared with his girlfriend in the UFC 293 Embedded video which dropped on the UFC's YouTube page on Sept. 4.

And fans were shook.

Strickland is best known for his controversial comments oftentimes pertaining to women's rights, gay and transgender issues and racism. Just recently he was underfire for saying that women should be out of the workplace and back in the home.

"We need to go back to taking women out of the workforce, and maybe that's where we f**ked up," he said during a media day appearance in June. "We let women vote, no offense. Think about America prior to women voting. They tried to ban alcohol, I don't even drink but I'm not trying to ban alcohol. So, what you did, man, you let these women come into the workforce, now we make less money, you got kids raising themselves on TikTok, we need to go back to like 1942, maybe 1958 after we f**ked up the Germans."

Now it seems he's found a woman, but who is she?

"I came with my girlfriend so I gotta be a decent human being and go all hard," he said on the video. "I'm doing the right things you guys."

The woman was never identified in the video by name but he refers to her as his girlfriend and is seen holding her hand multiple times.

Who is Sean Strickland dating?

This isn't the first time he's mentioned the girlfriend, though it might be the first time she's been on camera.

On August 23, he spoke with Helen Yee about his girlfriend, “I have a girlfriend who I love very much. I said it. She makes me a better man, you guys. I was just telling her this the other day, I tell my girl, I’m like, ‘babe every time I think about breaking up with you and I think about all the p***y I can get, I think about who I was before I met you.’ As much as I like being single and getting all that p***y you guys, my girl she makes me a truly better man and baby, I thank you for that.”

They seem to have been together since at least October 2022 wheh he shared a photo of the women in the video on a boat, according to Sports Lens.

We'll have to wait to learn her identity from Strickland as there's not much else about her online.

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