It's about time Sean Strickland saw some consequences

  • Sean Strickland says he's been banned from Nitrocross
  • He says that he isn't playing the right game with the influencers
  • The whole issue stems from his run in with Machine Gun Kelly
Sean Strickland
Sean Strickland / Amy Kaplan/FanSided MMA

For the most part, Sean Strickland is a harmless guy ... until he opens his mouth.

The former UFC champion has been saying whatever he wants for a long time, and that includes comments that can be classified as homophobic, sexist, racist, transphobic, and everything in between. And he's faced no repercussions.

Until now.

According to Strickland himself, he's been "canceled" for his comments about Machine Gun Kelly. Comments stemming from their verbal altercation at Power Slap where he referred to him as a "vampire" and the "devil" after the pair both attended the event.

Those comments, and others he's made about several influencers, have gotten him banned from Nitrocross, where he had planned to race on March 1 and 2.

"Will not be racing or attending nitrocross. I did it.... finally went too far lmao!!!!! As of always, I appreciate you guys. I'm only here because you guys, without you guys I would of been canceled long time. Thanks for keeping me employed....," Strickland wrote on Instagram under a video of himself explaining what happened.

The thing is, he doesn't say exactly who axed him from the event, only that he had pissed off too many influencers.

"Hey guys.  I f**king did it. I violated the influencer trust treaty, the circle jerk that I didn't know I was in. No one gave me like a written invitation to the circle jerk where like I get famous, you get famous, we help each other out," Strickland said. "I never got the f**king invitation or the guidelines, so here we are. The bad news guys is I'm not racing Nitrocross. This isn't Nitrocross' doing. They're great f**king people. This goes beyond them. I guess there's like f**king golden rules about how to be a f**king influencer and get free sh*t. I guess I'm not the f**king one for these guys."

Sean Strickland calls Machine Gun Kelly a 'slight on society'

He then went in on Machine Gun Kelly again.

"I want you guys to put yourself in my shoes. A man insulted me and challenged me to fight," he said in the video. I fought that man just like you would.  A Tik Toker wants to spar. I treat him no different that anybody else. You quit, or you fall down, or you tap out and then we're f**king done and I respect him for that. I meet a f**king vampire. A vampire wearing a man-bag with painted nails that was so insulted that I didn't know who the f**k he was. He acted like a woman because I didn't know nor do I care who he was. Dude, you dress like a f**king vampire wearing a man-bag. You are a slight on society brother. The fact that you exist is f**king mind boggling. The fact that you exist makes me want to go back to 1776 bro. You are less of a little f**king man. You have blood drinking rituals for you guys."

He then went on Twitter to issue a fake "apology tour" where he just doubled down on his thoughts about Machine Gun Kelly, transgender athletes and more.

We all know the UFC isn't going to muzzle Strickland and that's their right, but it's nice to finally see someone push back on the chatter with Strickland. Perhaps finally the tides are turning for him.


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