Sean Strickland, Bryce Hall beef explained

  • Sean Strickland and Bryce Hall are going at it on Twitter
  • Here's how it all started and where we're at now
  • The pair are trying to fight
Sean Strickland
Sean Strickland / Jasmin Frank-USA TODAY Sports

Former UFC champion Sean Strickland has picked a new target and today it's influencer turned boxer, Bryce Hall. When it comes to Strickland, anything goes and he holds absolutely nothing back. This latest beef is no different.

Here's what we know about how it started and why Strickland is so mad.

Pay attention, it's going to be a bit complicated to start.

First, Strickland was seen beating up a famouse influencer/streamer called Sneako. The video made the rounds on social media showing Stricklnad mercilessly handing down a lesson in the cage.

Then Jake Paul and Bryce Hall began commenting on the video, supporting Sneako and calling out Strickland as a bully.

Hall said the whole thing was “kind of f***** up" and said he "would love to spar Sean Strickland,”

Strickland was not going to let that go without a response.

He then sent a DM to Hall, explaining the terms of the fight and shared the DM on Twitter.

“Me and you this week," Strickland wrote. "I’ll give you a location. You can bring a GoPro or something. Just me and you, I’m tired of this gym BS. You ready to be a man for the first time in your life?”

Sean Strickland threatened to kill Bryce Hall after DM exchange

Then Hall replied with screenshots of his own.

And then a back-and-forth began between the two men with Strickland threatening to go as far as killing Hall.

"Can I kill [Hall] in Texas?" he tweeted. "Mutual combat and stand your ground state..... There you go ..... also can you bring the million or more... You won't be needing it after lmao... f*ck I wish...."

At press time, this is where it stands, but knowing Strickland, this is probably not the last we hear of this feud.


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