Ryan Garcia just inserted himself into the Kanye West, Diddy controversy

Ryan Garcia is mad at Kanye West and West is mad at Garcia for his Diddy comments. Here's what happened and why they are mad.
Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

Boxer Ryan Garcia has never been one to hold back his thoughts on controversial topics. Lately, he's been posting concerning and controversial thoughts on Twitter and Instagram but his latest rant was directed outside the combat sports world for once.

According to Ryan. rapper Kanye West turned down the invitation to walk out to the ring with him because of Diddy. Apparently, Garcia made a joke about Diddy who is currently wrapped up in a very serious sex trafficking/assault investigation. In a pre-fight tweet, Garcia tweeted to 50 Cent asking him to walk out with him and dissed Diddy in the process.

Garcia first alluded to the feud during a pre-fight press event this week in which he said, “Kanye told me ‘no.’ He don’t like that I said ‘no Diddy.'”

Ryan Garcia says Kanye West is mad about a Diddy joke

Shortly after, Garcia took to Twitter to rant about West and his refusal. I the tweets he brought up West's own controversies including Pete Davidson sleeping with West's ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

“Why Kanye mad at me for saying ‘no diddy’. He lost it when he said he was the New Jesus,” Garcia tweeted. “Kanye thought he was [invincible] he cool but when you say the things you say. Then it will come back around. You really loved Kim and you lost her. Pete had her that’s sad, carnival helped you. Still you really defending someone that the feds on, and the crazy thing is you told everyone about him. And now you changed your tune bc you exalted your self higher then God you aren’t God no one cares about Kanye anymore.”

Garcia pointed out that Diddy's home was raided by Federal agents. The raid occurred in late March. So far Diddy has not been arrested.

“It’s not a black thing or a color thing it’s a someone did something wrong thing. If diddy did wrong then he did wrong i don’t give a fudge about color. The feds don’t show up if there isn’t any solid proof. Sad to see people defending this.”

Garcia continued tweeting and began to rant about religion, a common theme in many of Garcia's recent Twitter rants. “Nobody even talking about Yeezys he try to use Jesus name to sale Shoes and his whole brand. He called himself YEEZSUS. Bro is a fan of Jesus and try to be Jesus. That’s the devil the one who thought he is God.”

Garcia went even further calling West gay and saying sexually explicit things about his sex life with his famous ex-wife.

West has had his own share of controversies. He was recently in the news for antisemitic comments and has been criticized for his alleged treatment of his new wife, Bianca Censori.


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