Robert Whittaker slams Charlie Radtke, Manel Kape for homophobic slurs (VIDEO)

Former UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker had some strong words for two fighters who used inappropriate language at UFC 293.
Robert Whittaker
Robert Whittaker / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Former UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker had some strong words for two fighters from Saturday's UFC 293 card. The event was held in Whittaker's home country of Australia and on the prelims and the main card two fighters used the same homophobic slur during their post-fight speeches.

Whittaker is not too pleased about it.

"They were saying some real slurry, bigotry, bad words...things you can't say in 2024," Whittaker said on the MMArcade Podcast. "I'm not one to tell anybody what to do. I just want everyone, all the fighters that wanna be real, I'm real, we're all real. You want to be real with your fans and you want to be you, you don't want to be a stickler or anything like that. But just remember that we under the spotlight in front of millions of fans, and of those millions of fans...there are kids, impressionable kids, starting watching UFC through all ages. Really young kids watching. Set a good example."

The two fighters Charlie Radtke, Manel Kape used the word in different ways.

Radtke referred to the fans in the crowd as "f*****s" for booing after he won a decision in his UFC debut.

"F**k all you f*****ts in the f***ing crowd. Come down and get some you p****y a** b****es," he said in the Octagon live on ESPN's streaming service.

Kape said it when calling out Kai Kara-France, who backed out of their fight.

UFC president Dana White didn't seem overly bothered by the words remarking that both have since apologized and simply made a mistake.

“That was flying around a bit tonight,” White said during the post-fight press conference. “I think these guys get a little excited and they make bad mistakes. Radtke did the same thing, and you know me: We didn’t run over to him and say you better apologize. He did that on his own."

He continued, “When he got backstage he was embarrassed and got caught up in the moment. … He felt like he was treated like sh*t and all that stuff, and got emotional and whatever reason.”

Kape and Radtke both issued apologies after their fights were over.

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