Remember the time Michael Page fractured his opponents skull (Video)

How could you forget the time Michael Page literally dented a man's forehead.
Mar 9, 2024; Miami, Florida, USA; Michael Page before his fight with Kevin Holland (not shown) during UFC 299 at Kayesa Center. Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
Mar 9, 2024; Miami, Florida, USA; Michael Page before his fight with Kevin Holland (not shown) during UFC 299 at Kayesa Center. Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Michael "Venom" Page is unlike any mixed martial artist to ever compete. Fans who only watch the UFC have seen very little of him, as up until UFC 300 his entire career had taken place outside the Octagon. His UFC debut was hyped, but due to copyright laws the organization could only show training footage in the lead up to his fight. His subsequent dismantling of Kevin Holland gave fans a glimpse in to who Page is.

With his flashy striking style, honed over a lifetime of combat sports, and in cage theatrics, Page is one of the most entertaining fighters the sport has ever seen. With a highlight reel that you have to see to believe, the most memorable moment has to be his finish of Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos.

Bellator 158 was a homecoming of sorts for Page as it would be his first fight on his home soil of London, England in four years. With his initial opponent, Fernando Gonzalez, unable to obtain a visa to fight in England, Page was rebooked to fight Santos. This would be Page's toughest test of his young mixed martial arts career.

Early in the opening round, Santos struggled to find his offensive range until Page threw a flying knee that allowed Santos to clinch and get the fight to the ground. This was the position where most people thought Santos would hold the advantage. Page attempted a leglock, but Santos was able to defend and work his way to side control. Santos controlled the last three minutes of the round from top position, though he was not able to do much in terms of damage.

Fortunately for Page, every round starts on the feet. There was more urgency in his attack early in the round, walking Santos down trying to bait him in to an attack so he could counter. With Santos not engaging, Page started to throw more strikes of his own. Page landed his most significant strike of the fight with a brutal switch kick to the liver. Clearly hurt, Santos became even more hesitant in his approach. Then with just under 40 seconds left in the round Santos lunged forward with a straight right hand, that would prove to be a massive mistake.

Page countered the right hand with a beautifully timed jumping knee. It sounded like he hit him with a baseball bat, and to be honest the bat might have been less damaging. Santos immediately put his hands to his face and collapsed to the ground. In a now iconic celebration, Page rolled a Poké Ball at Santos as he lay on the ground writhing in agony.

After the fight, Santos's ex-wife posted to Instagram an x-ray and picture detailing the extent of his injuries. The flying knee had fractured his skull. That post is a brutal reminder of the danger that is stepping in to a locked cage with Page. Santos would never compete in mixed martial arts again.

Page has since run his MMA record to 22-2 while also competing in boxing, both of the gloved and bare knuckle variety. As previously mentioned, he eventually made his way to the ultimate stage in MMA when he made his UFC debut at the biggest event in the promotion's history, UFC 300. Under those bright lights, he introduced the world to his own unique brand of violence and entertainment.

Page is set to return to competition against undefeated welterweight contender Ian Machado Garry on June 29 at UFC 303. While we are not likely to see another caved in skull, and to be frank I hope we don't ever see that again, we will certainly be entertained.