Ranking every season of The Ultimate Fighter from worst to best

The Ultimate Fighter will be hosting their 32 season soon, before the debut we're breaking down all the other seasons.
The Ultimate Fighter 8 Finale
The Ultimate Fighter 8 Finale / Jon P. Kopaloff/GettyImages
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22. The Ultimate Fighter 11: Team Liddell vs. Team Ortiz

This is another season fans were watching for the coaches. Without anyone's help, Tito Ortiz can be the funniest guy on the planet, mostly at his own expense. Add in his biggest rival of all time, and there's a show to be had.

In terms of quality of fights and fighters, another season that fell just a tad short. Fans did get to see the rise of Brad Tavares, Seth Baczynski, Kyle Noke, and Court McGee. All of these fighters went on to do big things in the UFC, but this is a season you would have hoped for more talent given where the UFC was at the time.

This was also the season that represented the demise of Ortiz in the UFC. He was kicked off the show and replaced by Rich Franklin for the final episode. Ortiz has been vocal about regretting how his UFC career ended.

21. The Ultimate Fighter 9: United States vs. United Kingdom

TUF 9 was saved by the Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson feud. This was the season that would lead up to their infamous fight at UFC 100. If you all remember, Henderson went a little too far in this one.

The premise of the show was great, especially to create some hype around UK MMA, but it simply did not meet the hype in the long run. The fights were solid, with only one ending in a decision before the final, but only Ross Pearson, the season winner, made it far in the UFC.

It's one thing to have great fights, but it's also like watching regional shows where the talent suggests anyone can have a great day. There's minimal chess match and, when the winner is so predictable, it tells you that the show didn't really deliver.