Power Slap will be open to the public for the first time for Power Slap 6

Fans will be able to buy tickets to Power Slap 6.

Power Slap 5
Power Slap 5 / UFC

Until now, Dana White's Power Slap has been invite-only, but that's all set to change with Power Slap 6.

According to Dana White in a recent Instagram live, Power Slap 6 will head to the newly opened Las Vegas casino, Durago, for the event which is scheduled for Feb. 9, 2024, Super Bowl weekend.

The event will be the first time tickets will be on sale to the public, but you'll need to act fast as there will only be 750 seats for the historic event.

The card for the event is yet to be announced due to the Road to the Title reality show still airing. But winners of the show will join the coaches, champion "KO" Chris Thomas as he squares off with the No. 1 contender Emanuel "No Love" Muniz.

Stay tuned for more details and fights as they are announced.

We will also provide ticketing information as soon as that is made available.

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