Power Slap striker donates liver to child of fellow slap fighter

Jesse Nutting has donated a portion of his liver to fellow Power Slapper Andrew Fields' daughter.
 Andrew Fields, Aubree and Jesse Nutting
Andrew Fields, Aubree and Jesse Nutting /

Jesse Nutting, who competed at Power Slap 2, has stepped up to donate a portion of his liver to the daughter of another Power Slap striker, Andrew Fields. Fields competed at Power Slap 1, 2, and 3.

Fields' daughter Aubree has Congenital disorders of glycosylation (CDG) which is a rare genetic disorder. She was initally scheduled to have surgery on May 14 but was not cleared due to illness and the suregery was pushed back to May 28.

As the donor, Nutting has been on stand by in Pittsburg and will be required to stay in the area and out of work for at least another three months.

The surgery was completed on Tuesday and Nutting is in recovery. But Aubree has had some complications and will require at least one more surgery in the coming days, her father said on Instagram where he's updating his followers on the progress.

Andrew Fields thanks Dana White, Power Slap for helping find a donor for sick daughter

"Thanks everyone that checked in and has said prayers for Aubree and said prayers for Jesse that everything goes well it’s gonna be a long day but it’s gonna be the best day, once again, I want to reiterate, how grateful I am, because he didn’t have to do this. He chose to do this and deserves nothing but the most respect and love," Fields wrote on Instagram.

In a previous video posted to Instagram, Fields thanked Dana White and Power Slap for bringing Nutting into their lives. "Because of that my daughter can even have a chance at life to begin with, thank you Power Slap."

You can follow their journey on Instagram and through their GoFundMe which was set up to help offset living expenses for Nutting who will be out of work for some time due to his selfless donation.

The next Power Slap event will take place during UFC International Fight Week in June. It's headlined by a super heavyweight title fight between Da Crazy Hawaiian (14-1, 12 KOs) and No. 4 ranked Danie “The Pitbull” Van Heerden (2-1, 2 KOs). The event will be housed at the Fontainebleau Las Vegas on June 28.


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