A Power Slap contestant retired on the scales citing Jesus in bizarre turn of events (Video)

  • Ed “Slambo" Smith retired from slap fighting.
  • He says he was reliving his first knockout.
  • He says Jesus didn't want him doing Power Slap anymore.
Ed “Slambo" Smith on Power Slap
Ed “Slambo" Smith on Power Slap / Rumble

On Wednesday's episode of Power Slap Road to the Title season 2, a striker retired in the weirdest of ways.

Ed “Slambo" Smith, who had advanced to the next round after knocking out his last opponent, announced he'd be leaving the competition and the sport altogether.

"Ed seemed a little off during the face-off," UFC president Dana White said of the moment.

"I'm out Manny," he is seen saying to his coach Emanuel "No Love" Muniz backstage after he weighed in and did the face-off. "I retired and I don't give a f*ck."

The camera then cuts to Smith in his confessional explaining his decision.

"I decided to pull out of the competition and quit the show early," he said. "I was going to bed at night just seeing that Irish kid fall over and over and over and over and over and over ... You know, Jesus tells me no, this ain't a good idea for Slambo."

Smith was never supposed to even be on the show. He was an alternate brought in to replace Chris “Full Metal” Debow after he fell ill while cutting weight. Smith knocked out Debow's opponent, Sean “The Infamous” Kilmartin.

It seems the trauma of that slap really affected him, and he peace'd out early.


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