Power Slap gets green light with CSAC

Dana White's Power Slap may be heading to California soon.

Power Slap 5
Power Slap 5 / UFC

Dana White's Power Slap has been given a license to hold events in California. This is a big step for the slap fighting promotion as White's been teasing expansion from Nevada.

The vote was conducted during the California State Athletic Commission meeting on Saturday, Dec. 9 and it was unanimous.

“While we are still evaluating the medical data provided, it is clear after looking at the participants involved in this sport that there are fewer medical transportations than at an MMA event,” executive officer Andy Foster in documents obtained by Bloody Elbow ahead of the vote.

Additionally, a neurologist also spoke about Power Slap, concluding there were no "red flags" that should bar the contact sport from being licensed in the state.

“My review of the limited information on experience to date regarding Health & Safety of Power Slap events is that there are no red flags that would absolutely contraindicate a trial, and I would support that process as well,” Dr. Vernon B. Williams wrote ahead of the vote.

He also cited several statistics about the safey of the sport including:

  • 6 percent of athletes were transported to the local hospital after their match for further evaluation
  • 43 percent of athletes received no medical suspension after their match
  • Only 5 percent of athletes received a medical suspension greater than 60 days
  • 100 percent of precautionary head CT scan results were negative for any acute head injury/findings, including subdural hematomas.

No event has been announced for the state yet, but with the UFC heading to Anaheim, CA early next year it could be a shared event weekend.

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