Police report reveals new details following Jamahal Hill's arrest

Jamahal Hill was arrested and charged with domestic violence for allegedly assaulting his brother.

Jamahal Hill
Jamahal Hill / Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill was arrested and charged with domestic violence in late November after he allegedly assaulted his brother.

Now, according to a police report obtained by MMA Fighting, we know more about the incident in question.

According to the outlet, Hill and his brother James "made an agreement for James and his wife to clean Jamahal’s house for $300, which had been left vacant and without electricity, causing food to rot and spoil."

At around 7 p.m. an argument about the cleaning and "other family matters" began and, according to James, Hill “took off his shirt and got in his face” before allegedly punching his brother in the face, “knocking him to the ground.” James was clear that Hill never touched his wife.

The alleged victim says his wife got between the two brothers but Hill “reached around James’ wife and punched James in the face once again causing him to fall and become dazed" and knocked his tooth out.

More details allege that James accused Hill of “being disrespectful to women and abandoning his own daughter,” and not calling his daughter for Thanksgiving. He alleged that Hill threw a “sucker punch."

A witness confirmed James' story and alleges that Hill's three children were present at the time of the assault.

James says he didn't want to call the police but mu,tiple text messages went unanswered and no apology was given.

Hill spoke out about the incident on his YouTube channel.

“There’s been a lot of reports out today about the situation that happened when I was back home in Michigan, visiting for the holidays,” Hill said. “I will just say this, at this time it is an open case. I’ve been advised not to speak on it, which I know not to speak on it.

“I just can’t wait for the truth to be told in court. I will wait for that day and I look forward to that day. The people who know me and know my character and truly, truly rock with me and know who I am, hold onto that and stay true to that. That’s all I’m a say on that.”

According to the police report, Hill was arrested "without incident" after the state’s Prosecutor’s Office said there was "enough evidence to charge Hill with misdemeanor aggravated domestic violence."

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