Paulo Costa’s prank on Merab Dvalishvili proves he’s an evil genius (Video)

Paulo Costa's social media presence is winning on every level.
Paulo Costa
Paulo Costa / Twitter

UFC fighter Paulo Costa is the master of a hilarious ribbing. Over the course of the last few years he's really upped his pranking game and his social media has become one of the best follows for fans. He's endeared the fans to him using his "secret juice" joke, a play on steroid use claims. He teased Brian Ortega with a photo of his ex Tracy Cortez and now's targeted a new fighter.

This week Costa filmed himself taking No. 1 ranked bantamweight, Merab Dvalishvili's lunch like a schoolyard bully.

In the clip, Costa went to the UFC Performance Institute where they have pre-ordered and packaged meals for the fighters waiting in a self-service cooler. Each order is labeled with the fighter's name. Costa zoomed in on one for Natan Levy but skipped his and went for Dvalishvili's lunch which was double the size.

"Let me see who I am going to get today," he joked in the video. After selecting Dvalishvili's lunch he said, "I definitly prefer this. This is the best one." Then the clip switches to Costa eating a burrito, seemingly stolen from Dvalishvili.

After posting the clip on his social media, Costa and Dvalishvili had a friendly back-and-forth. Dvalishvili wrote, "I am hangry [Paulo Costa] !! I'm coming for you. AND my bag of food." Costa replied writing, "There was so much food for you bro. Chill out."

Dvalishvili is coming off a win over former two-division champion Henry Cejudo and acted as the official backup for Sean O'Malley vs. Marlon Vera. He wasn't needed in that fight but he's expected to get the next shot at the champion when O'Malley decides to fight again.

Paulo Costa is coming off a loss to Robert Whittaker

Costa is staying in good spirits following his loss to Robert Whittaker at UFC 298. The loss marked the first fight for the fighter since he defeated Luke Rockhold in August 2022. He's not staying busy fighting but he is winning his social media game.

It will be interesting to see who Costa targets next, perhaps someone his own size this time?


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