Oscar de la Hoya reveals the 1 thing that needs to happen for Ryan Garcia vs. Sean O’Malley to be a reality

Oscar de la Hoya spoke with FanSided MMA about a potential fight between Ryan Garcia and Sean O'Malley.
Oscar de la Hoya
Oscar de la Hoya / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

Oscar de la Hoya recently spoke to FanSided MMA and shed light on the highly-anticipated boxing match between UFC bantamweight champion Sean O'Malley and Ryan Garcia who just beat Devin Haney to shock the world. He even revealed what he expects from UFC President Dana White for the event to happen.

O'Malley is easily one of the most skillful strikers on the UFC roster. The best showcase of his striking prowess could be seen in the match against former champion Petr Yan, one of the organization's most technical boxers.

Garcia, on the other hand, just had the best win of his career as he walked through Haney in a fight that many thought he would lose dominantly.

Both Garcia and O'Malley are already popular on social media as well. While the former just fooled the entire internet with his sudden persona shift ahead of the Haney fight, the latter never misses an opportunity to release hilarious skits on training techniques and trolling other fighters.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Conor McGregor was the last time we saw White co-promote an event and he was certainly happy about it. Let's see what de la Hoya thinks about White co-promoting a similar matchup between O'Malley and Garcia.

Oscar de la Hoya is ready to step his ego aside for Ryan Garcia vs. Sean O'Malley

When asked about co-promoting Garcia vs. O'Malley with White, de la Hoya said, "I think it could happen. Why not? If it's going to be a huge event, I can leave my ego at home and deal with Dana White. I have no problem whatsoever, but I just don't think Dana White would want to do it."

De la Hoya further talked about how he thinks the fight between O'Malley and Garcia would go and why White would be reluctant for it to take place.

"I think that Dana White knows that O'Malley will get just outclassed. That's the bottom line, I mean if it was in the cage, maybe it would be a whole different story, because O'Malley, he's an MMA fighter, and Ryan Garcia's a boxer. There's a huge advantage there for Ryan. So, I think Dana White has learned his lesson, watching the Ngannou fights, and watching, you know, MMA fighters trying to box and getting beat up."

Despite the sly digs, de la Hoya ended his answer on a good note and admitted that he's open to dealing with White.

"Yeah, it just doesn't work, it's a whole different sport, boxing and MMA. So, I think if Dana ever wants to sit down and talk and maybe make something happen, I'm more than happy to do it".

Although de la Hoya sees a clear advantage for Garcia in the boxing ring and for O'Malley in the Octagon, the fighters have entirely different opinions on the matter. Garcia, while talking to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, claimed that he could beat O'Malley in MMA. However, the UFC champ is also confident that he'd make light work of Garcia in the Octagon and although a boxing match will be a lot more difficult, he has the potential to beat Garcia there too.

To be fair, the Garcia vs O'Malley super fight could be a lot closer than expected as both the fighters as well as de la Hoya have agreed to it and White enterting the conversation could seal the deal.


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