Nate Diaz says he'll never 'backtrack' with fight in PFL, even for Jake Paul

Nate Diaz thinks fighting in the PFL would be a step back in his MMA career.

Nate Diaz
Nate Diaz / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

It looks like we probably aren't going to see an MMA match between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz ... at least not if it's under the PFL banner.

On Friday afternoon Diaz took to Twitter to announce once and for all, he's not interested.

"Im good I’d rather fight real fighters," Diaz tweeted. "And never back track to the minor leagues pussyFL
Fight urself dipsh*t."

Right now Paul is angling for a rematch with Diaz, but under MMA rules in the PFL. They already fought once in a boxing ring and Paul won. Diaz was open to the rematch but wanted it to be in boxing.

Diaz is a former UFC fighter who opted not to re-sign with the promotion and apparently views the PFL as a step back in his MMA career.

Donn Davis says Nate Diaz is 'weaseling out ' of an MMA fight with Jake Paul

PFL founder Donn Davis called out Diaz earlier this week for not responding to the promotion's alleged offer to fight Paul.

“If we could ever put together Jake vs. Nate, if Nate would stop weaseling out and complaining about that MMA fight with Jake. I respect Nate, he’s the people’s champ, he’s a man’s man, he’s stand up as all stand-up," Davis said on The MMA Hour. “But, he said, ‘I’ll do it in the PFL SmartCage two minutes after the [Paul boxing fight], he’s got a standing offer of between $10 and $15 million, and he’s hiding behind a rock,” Davis continued. “$10-15 million, biggest payday of his life. He gets beat by Jake ... and he’s hiding behind a rock.”

Paul claims that Diaz only wants a boxing rematch for the payday.

"Nate Diaz made more in one boxing match than he did fighting Conor Mcgregor twice in MMA," Paul tweeted. "No wonder that boy begging for a boxing rematch. Friday December 15th I’m back."

At press time, Paul's boxing opponent had not been named.

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