MMA Twitter is super annoyed by Dana White's late-night announcement

Dana White didn't announce any UFC 300 fights, as fans had hoped.
Dana White
Dana White / Twitter

On Wednesday, UFC president Dana White teased a big announcement would come at 8 p.m PT. Fans began to run wild with speculation assuming it might be the first official UFC 300 fight announcement, a Conor McGregor announcemtn or perhaps another change to UFC 296.

It was none of those things. Instead he announced he was giving away one of Elon Musk's Cybertrucks and MMA Twitter was pissed.

And here's how they took it.

To be fair, getting a free Cybertruck would be pretty cool. But overall, the truck hasn't gotten the best press. One outlet pointed out the insane insurance costs and repair issues while Forbes predicts it could "dunk Tesla stock." Yahoo! Finance reported that a new survey found that 67 percent of people wouldn't buy one.

“We had an incredibly robust response to our survey. It was interesting to hear that two-thirds didn't want it and, frankly, that was a lot better than we expected,” Canaccord analyst George Gianarikas said in an interview with Yahoo Finance. “Based on the discussions I've had individually, which have been in the hundreds, it's the look of the vehicle that gets people excited or revolts people.”

The new car officially rolled out on Nov. 30, and starts at about $60,990 which was 50 percent more than the original sticker price estimate, according to Reuters.

Enter to win:

dark. Next. Did Dana White just announce a Power Slap fight between Charles Barkley and Shaq?. Did Dana White just announce a Power Slap fight between Charles Barkley and Shaq?