MMA Twitter rocked by Dwayne Johnson in unrecognizable new photo

Dwayne Johnson is playing former UFC fighter Mike Kerr in a new movie.
The Rock
The Rock / Hector Vivas/GettyImages

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been tapped to pay former UFC fighter Mark Kerr in the upcoming film The Smashing Machine. The film has been filming for a bit now and the production company, A24 has released a still from the movie which floored everyone on sight.

In the photo, Johnson is seen in the corner during a fight and he looks totally recognizable with hair. At first glance, I even thought it was Chael Sonnen. Take a look at the image below and see for yourself.

"Which one is the rock?" someone asked in the comments of the post. "Dwayne looks totally different," someone else wrote. "Truly was wondering why this wasn’t depicting either of those actors at first lol," someone commented. Another fan tweeted, "I actually had to zoom in to make sure that was him because wow… literally unrecognizable!"

Another fan wrote, "That’s THE ROCK??? Holy sh*t looks unrecognizable." Someone else commented, "Wow! Doesn't even look like the rock." Another fan wrote, "That's The Rock? You're kidding, right?"

This photo comes just after Johnson released footage of him training for the movie and revealing what he's doing to prepare for the role of Kerr. "My training camp became complete when the man himself, Mark Kerr trained with us," he wrote on a post shared on Tuesday. "He’s still a f*cking machine, that can close the distance with scary speed and power. I’ll forever be grateful to the core for our his invaluable knowledge he’s been gracious enough to pass onto me and especially for the brotherhood we share."

Kerr was a former UFC champion, World Vale Tudo Championship tournament winner, and also competed in PRIDE. He was already the subject of an HBO documentary of the same name. So far there's been no word on when the movie will be released or if it will be in theatres or on a streaming platform.